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Oleh Admin 08-11-2015 08:28:27

Pringsewu. To make teaching learning process more attractive and interactive, MAN 1 Pringsewu English Conversation Class has inovated activities to increase students speaking skill. The activities are conducted in the class and done by every students. Every student brings their idol’s photograph then they have to describe his or her appearance in front of the class. According to MAN 1 Pringsewu English teachers, Muhammad Faizin, the students describe their idol by using their own sentences. To make it easier, The students construct the sentence by using example given. “ the students present the description one by one and then I identifiy the sentences made by them. I try to focus my identification on the pronunciation and the arrangement of the sentences “ he explains after having class, thursday (05/11/15). Faizin adds that By having many speaking practice, students english mastery will gradually increase. It also increases students motivation in learning English. “ Actually there are many techniques and methods in motivating students. I think it is based on teachers interest and passion. One method could be appropriate for one teacher but it could be not for others “ he explains. So, he says, the teacher should aware what is the best way to do for him or her and for students in his or her class. The teachers should increase their competences by having many technique, approach and method in teaching. But Faizin remains that good method can be bad if it is applied by bad teacher and vice versa. “ Not only students responsibility to study but the teacher also should study harder to make the student smarter “ he closes. Contributor : Muhammad Faizin